Talking about the spicy sex life of puppets

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Director Peter Jorgensen and I had a lovely interview with Andrea Warner from the Georgia Straight over our lunch break.  We talked a lot about puppets, and the process we were going through in rehearsals to make the puppets more human both for our audiences, and also for the actors on stage playing traditional non-puppet… Read more »

Puppet video games

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Back in 2008 when Nokia was supporting a games platform, they came up with an idea to shoot three short commercials to promote their newest video game MEGAMONSTERS.  These commercials were to be released virally and to be shot entirely with PUPPETS.  Naturally, I was thrilled.  I built three puppets for film, and 30 puppets… Read more »

Behind the scenes of Falling Skies

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Nearing the end of Season 2 of Falling Skies, we were inundated daily with reporters, camera crews, and bloggers.  One of the groups was there specifically to catch the behind the scenes with all things Skitters. Okay- so when they asked me to introduce Geoff Redknap I completely stumbled over his title, here’s why:  Geoff… Read more »