Nearing the end of Season 2 of Falling Skies, we were inundated daily with reporters, camera crews, and bloggers.  One of the groups was there specifically to catch the behind the scenes with all things Skitters.

Okay- so when they asked me to introduce Geoff Redknap I completely stumbled over his title, here’s why:  Geoff is kind of a renaissance man when it comes to his work on sets, he can pretty much do it all- prosthetic makeup effects, animatronics, puppeteering, and everything in-between.  On this particular day he had the rather non-glamourous job of laying in the mud and puppeteering the legs of the Skitter- which of course he was fantastic at, and why I landed on the title of “leg puppeteer’ for him.  I just wanted to clarify that Geoff is SO much more than just a leg puppeteer.  I should have said “this is Super-Geoff……”.