Jeny was drawn to performance even at a young age- training in ballet and tap exclusively until receiving a scholarship at age 14 to the Young Canadians, where her training broadened to include more varieties of dance, vocal instruction and gymnastics.   Acting followed in high school, and it became evident that her strength in performance would push her to pursue theatre and the arts further in her life.

She received classical theatre training at the University of Victoria, and following graduation found work in various Theatre roles in Victoria, Calgary, and Vancouver, following a move there in 2001.

In Vancouver she received further training with a few hand picked coaches and studios in the area to help translate her theatre performance knowledge to film.

Jeny has also trained as a puppeteer and has experienced great success as a puppeteer in the film and television industry. She attributes the ease with which she moved into puppet manipulation to her thorough acting training, and acting work.  Creating life, and character out of an inanimate object requires knowledge of body and movement, and uses all the same skills an actor needs to deliver a performance.

Although her success as a puppeteer dominated much of her performances since her move to Vancouver, she’s also appeared as an actor in film and television productions such as: Fringe, The Haunting in Connecticut, Stargate SG-1, The Haunting Hour, Paradox, and theatre productions of: Avenue Q, Sunday on the Rocks, Toxic Saliva, Bedfull of Foreigners and Robin Hood.