Performing puppet surgery

Back in 2008 when Nokia was supporting a games platform, they came up with an idea to shoot three short commercials to promote their newest video game MEGAMONSTERS.  These commercials were to be released virally and to be shot entirely with PUPPETS.  Naturally, I was thrilled.  I built three puppets for film, and 30 puppets that they would distribute as prizes to the public. Unfortunately, just as the videos were done editing and ready to be released- Nokia shut down their video gaming department and everything was shelved.

No one knows what happened to the 30 puppets that were shelved- but here’s the video of one of the commercials.

produced by: Nokia & Noise Digital

written by: Aaron Houston and Aisla Webster

Directed by: Aaron Houston

ALL cardboard set by: John Taylor

Puppeteers: …… oh i’m going to have to look that up!

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